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Charter Vessels

Book an angler fishing charter with me, Tommy Rice, to spend a few hours or a couple of days fishing the productive waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Deep-Sea Fishing

Experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing with Bandit Charters in Panama City, Florida. Book a trip to enjoy luxury on either Lady Rose or a sailing adventure on Tomstoy.

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7 Days a Week
Master Mariner since 1972 More Than 35 Years of Experience

About Me

I am Tommy Rice, owner of Bandit Charters in Panama City, Florida. A licensed Master Mariner since 1972. Our Captins will take you, your family, or coworkers into the Gulf of Mexico for an unforgettable fishing adventure. Our Captin has over twenty years of experince in the Charter Fishing Industry and will take you on a personalized fishing experience.

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